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What We Do

We offer a hassle free, professional partnership to help you to step through the planning process in a logical and effective manner.

Starting with the requirement scoping and matching this to a design and functional specification through to logistics planning, product sourcing and a fast smooth implementation.

Turnkey shopfitting design and installation service

The first thing we do is understand your business aims and process and what it is you are looking to achieve. We then work with you, using all our retail shopfitting expertise, to apply this to every part of your project.

From the design, the standards and the logistics to the quality of installation we enable you to improve your commercial effectiveness and successfully deliver against your business development aims.

Project manage from start to finish

Having agreed the best match from the options available you can then hand over the project with the confidence that implementation will be professional and hassle free.

Our professional project management team will take over to ensure that everything goes to plan. No missing elements, no surprises, no constant calling to check details. Delivery will be on time and on budget.

Supply and Logistics

Our processes are built on all our experiences and probably most importantly, handling the impact of all the things that do not go to plan.  This takes the stress out of the project for you.

We know and you remember all the hard to fix things that are going to go wrong.  The result is the project is completed on time and on budget. No delays or long, drawn out snagging lists.

A fast, smooth installation

From on site supervision working to accurate documentation to our efficient, full training and accredited direct labour force who have been with us for some time, we leave nothing to chance as we know what it is like on site.

This gives us the expertise to deal with every challenge, like getting utilities on site. We know who to speak to and how to get things moving.


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